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Inner Vibz, where small wholistic businesses and community become one. A platform where lightworkers or anyone offering healing, or enlightment come together with those who need a helping hand.

As our world continues to change and evolve, we adapt. With mandates on social gatherings and masks we’re finding that our world is getting smaller and smaller and the internet is becoming our go-to source for many aspects of our lives, this includes emotional healing.

As we move forward those who have chosen to dictate their lives to helping others are struggling to do so as it has become dangerous to have private in person sessions and are looking for ways to expand and we want to help.

As a hypnotherapist myself, I am one of those people. I also know as a hypnotherapist that most of the people who need help can’t afford private sessions and that it is time to expand our services in a way that will help more people at an affordable cost.

We realized there is a need to connect healers and with people who might not hear of them otherwise. As we move through this Pandemic, the isolation and focus on self is creating a lot of self-awareness and the need to balance out our lives has never been greater. In this regard, please check out our awesome events or host an event yourself. 

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