Group Hypnotherapy

relaxing hypnosis

What is Group Hypnotherapy?

Group Hypnotherapy is designed to help everyone have access to professional therapeutic hypnosis sessions at a much more affordable cost. Sessions for groups are created to suit most peoples’ needs, they focus on a broader, more collective emotion that most people experience. In a group session only the hypnotherapist speaks, everyone else gets to curl up, relax and just listen. The hypnosis experience will be different for everyone. Some will gain astonishing insight into their life, others may find it uncomfortable. There really is no normal, this is an experience, this is self-awareness! 



What kinds of things can be treated using Group Hypnosis?

Group Hypnotherapy can be used for anything that is a collective issue that can benefit numerous individuals at the same time. All you need is a desire to find a alternative way of behaving, thinking or feeling then your present unsatisfactory mode. As individual concerns are not addressed in group hypnosis this format works best for imagery. When we day dream, we are in an altered state of reality, in this hypnotic state we are actually changing our beliefs at a subconscious level. With group session we move into this dreamy state where our imaginations are allowed to explode with possibilities, but unlike a day dream where you need to already know what to fantasize about, a trained hypnotist will help guide you to explore your beliefs and emotions at a deeper level. A shift in our perspective is all it takes to change.


How many sessions will I need to find a benefit?

All our sessions are designed for maximum benefit. You will find that each session is created to be an experience that will rock your beliefs in a positive, life changing way. You can take as many as you like because each one will effect you differently, in fact, even the same one will be different next time. If you have never been hypnotized, you can’t imagine how calm the hypnotic state is, and that the more you are hypnotized the easier it gets. Soon you can move yourself into that calm state anytime you want.  Imagine that.